Above all.. good design must primarily serve people

UX audit helps create empathy with your customers, with that you will understand how your customers think and how they are using your product.

Why UX Audit?


Get help from our strategy and design experts, as you are going through the journey of bringing awesomeness to your potential customers.


  • Low user signups
  • Unable to attract the right customers
  • Trial users not converting to paid customers
  • Marketing $$ spent not generating results
  • Low customer satisfaction
Idea Theorem - User Needs vs Business Goals
Idea Theorem UX Assessment


Quantifying UX is important to understanding which business needles need to be moved & how to move them. The report will provide you with key metrics to monitor.

Idea Theorem UX Assessment

Best Practices

UX best practices promote improving the quality of the user’s interaction with and perceptions of your product and any related services. We will provide the best practices that suit your business.

Idea Theorem UX Assessment


We will provide you with a simple and practical checklist for your website or mobile app which will cover interaction design, information architecture, typography, and UI design.



What to expect



  • Focus on 1 or 2 issues
  • UX metrics
  • UI/UX Standard Best practices
  • 60 Point Standard Checklist
  • Actionable Recommendations





Reports are usually 5-10 pages.


Perfect for simple websites or landing pages.



1 – 2 Weeks Engagement 



What to expect



  • Focus on overall Product Goals
  • UX Metrics
  • UI/UX Standard Best Practices
  • 60 Point Standard Checklist
  • Prioritized Actionable recommendations
  • Customized UX Checklist
  • Updated Wireframes & Flow of the product
  • Setup Monitoring and testing tools
  • Data Analysis

Reports are usually 80 – 150 pages.


Perfect for complex websites, eCommerce websites, SAAS products, mobile app or other digital products


6 – 10 Weeks Engagement

Interested to do the UX Audit yourself, no worries visit our do-it-yourself resources to audit the user experience of your product.

DIY UX Audit

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