How we helped Insurance company enhance their portal using usability testing?



The Johnson Insurance new customer portal requires a comprehensive review from a usability perspective. The goal is to identify usability issues and recommendations that meet the following goals:


  • Ensure that the new customer portal better meets the needs of its customers.
  • Test the following two flows:
    • The registration process for both current members and new customers.
    • Submit a health claim online.
  • Recruit 18 participants to take part in the usability test.



The final report was created to present the usability testing sessions results, providing data-driven recommendations that will further improve the user experience.

Idea Theorem identified that the next big feature customers needed was a chatbot. Customers often mention that they needed customer service help to submit their requests, however, dislike the wait time to connect. Therefore, a chatbot would streamline interactions between people, enhancing customer experiences.