Take the guesswork out of swimming faster.


How we helped swimmers show their strengths and weakness by showcasing data in easy and understandable way.


Triton Wear is a hybrid startup which marries two exciting industries, wearables and sporting analytics, to simply make swimmers swim better and obviously, win. And they’ve found success at the biggest sporting stage – The Olympics.


The team of data scientists at Triton Wear dove deep (pun intended) into the world of competitive swimming and came up with a treasure trove of data identifying every single metric that could possibly contribute to make swimmers better. It was too complicated for their users. Too much data, too little understanding.


Armed with the data and subsequent user research, we went about creating clean, simple visual data representation of the relevant stats making sure the product delivers the right value to the relevant user.


Triton Wear was cool but it simply had the potential for awesome right from the start. Working with them, we had front row seats to see it become awesome with our contribution.

Take the guesswork out of swimming faster