Moving Rent Payment Technology Forward



Domuso is driving digital transformation for the $500 billion apartment rental industry with an advanced platform to manage payments and communication throughout the entire resident lifecycle. Domuso captures 100% of a property’s receivables electronically while giving residents the flexibility to access multiple payment methods from any mobile device.


The challenge was to create an experience that works for residents as well as property managers to send and receive monthly rent, with several payment options. 



Idea Theorem team initially focused on understanding users by building the personas and customer journey. 


Based on the pain points identified in the user research, we were able to identify other features that would be beneficial to the users other than the core offering of Domuso which is rent payment. 


Features such as service request for renters. This helped Domuso expand its product from being just an ability to pay rent.



The App had a Beta release and key feedback received was: 


  • It was easy to make a payment and even though it provides several payment options, Domuso app is clear and transparent about the fees for different payment options.  
  • New features such as Service Request has made the renter’s life much easier as they can quickly put in the request using their mobile phone and also can check status on the go.