#1 App for Contractors in North America


Making it easy for contractors to provide estimates, create invoices and get paid faster.



With 29B+ Transactions, 900K+ Contractors – as a growing business Joist needed a design partner to help them launch new features for their contractors. 


The challenge was to help contractors win more jobs, by implementing features that help promote their business. 



Idea Theorem team initially worked with the Joist product team to better understand their customers through user journey and personas. This led to identifying opportunities for new features that would be beneficial for their user base. 


User Testing was done with contractors, to see which features provided them with maximum value and helped them win more jobs. Based on the identified features, product design was initiated and new features were designed. 



The new features had a major impact on their users (Contractors): 


  • It makes the contractor look more professional to homeowners thus resulting in winning more jobs
  • Helps the contractors effectively showcase their work and build their credibility. 
  • For contractors it became more than just an invoicing and estimation app, thus helping them find more customers and increasing their revenue.