Transforming a City, One community at a time


Digital Transformation of Community Center


Community Centres are an integral part of life in Toronto playing a huge role in creating a society in which everyone has an equal chance of health and success. While they provide subsidized services and facilities to the masses, they are shackled to archaic ‘forms and files’ based data infrastructure that is both laborious and offering very little room for improvement.


The staff at a Community Centre in Toronto were stuck filling and filing paperwork when they could be tackling bigger issues aligned with their mission of making Toronto a better place to be. They simply needed an overhaul of their entire system and process to improve the experience of both the staff and the vibrant community they serviced while they interact on a daily basis.


A community center portal was created to connect the community centre with their members. The product was rolled out in phases to slowly get the members as well as the community staff accustomed to the digital transformation of the centre.


The digital portal is planned to increase the efficiency of the community staff by upto 30%,  by improving program registration to member onboarding.

Digital Transformation