Keeping your Waterways Healthy

Lumin Ultra

Keeping your Waterways Healthy

The Challenge

Lumin Ultra is a biological diagnostic testing company and a global leader in developing tests and reagents for environmental, industrial, and diagnostic monitoring. They are also a key supplier of COVID-19 clinical testing reagents to the Government of Canada.

Lumin Ultra needed a creative software solution for their wastewater health treatment analysis. The challenge was creating an easy-to-use platform to display and track local water treatment results and determine if the collected samples contained harmful levels of COVID-19, E-Coli, etc.

Our goal was to capture the data and present it logically so that all teammates could access the data remotely and those testing in the field could instantly input, adjust, and visualize the testing results. To do so, we created a complex technical backend system from scratch that would gather and tabulate data and turn that into tangible visualizations.

Our Approach

To complete this project, we first needed to understand all the data points provided by their lab. We also needed to know precisely what specific microorganism strains, viruses, and substances they would be testing for and how their data is calculated to get that result.

We worked with the Lumin Ultra team to determine how best to approach the platform development and overall appearance. We helped to bring their application to life by functionally inputting wastewater treatment data and then running scripts to feed CSV files into the database, presenting the users with the results instantly.


Clear Data PresentationWith a clear understanding of how the data was calculated and analyzed, we created a series of dashboards that would present analysis from many facilities in one single-pane view.


Ease of UseWe created the ability to edit and add new facilities on the fly through the new platform.


Organized ExperienceQuickly create a shipping ticket to provide any necessary remedies for worrying results in health-compromised facilities. This feature made for a quicker response time and a more organized experience for the LuminUltra team.

Visual Guidelines

A Design System was created to ensure design consistently through out the platform.

Visual Guidelines created by Idea Theorem™

The Outcome

Idea Theorem provided LuminUltra with improved water testing data visualization by employing our UI/UX design & development services. This improvement is not only necessary for government agencies and LuminUltra water testing facilities but directly impacts public health and safety.

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