A Trusted Healthcare Partner for Canada’s largest lab provider


A Trusted Healthcare Partner for Canada’s largest lab provider

The Challenge

As Canada's largest lab provider, LifeLabs performs over 112 million laboratory tests each year to help diagnose, treat, monitor, and prevent diseases for millions of Canadians.

LifeLabs needed to create a brand new experience for their primary health care portal accessed by 3 million people across Canada to help monitor their health.

With market pressures from competition and healthcare startups, the LifeLabs myresults™ portal needed to provide its customers with an extraordinary experience.

Our Approach

Due to the complexity of the platform development, we worked closely with the LifeLabs product team to create a modular launch plan.

This helped the LifeLabs team to launch the product as certain features such as buttons, option sliders, e-commerce carts, and pdf viewers were redesigned or newly added by the Idea Theorem™ team.

Usability Testing was integral to validating the designs with the existing users of LifeLabs. Being a healthcare app, It was especially important for us to focus on the accessibility of the app, as it needed to be intuitive and usable for all types of clients, regardless of their potential ailment or disability.

The Outcome

The newly developed myresultsTM portal repositioned LifeLabs to get ahead of the competition. With new features added, such as virtual healthcare, online appointment booking, health risk assessments, and viewable lab results and reports.

Idea Theorem™ provided LifeLabs with custom code, components, and usability reports to complete this project. Our team also applied our experience building accessible apps based on AODA compliance laws. 

The new portal received positive reviews from its beta customers on the redesigned and new features as it created a unique experience for its end customers. It also increased the customer base due to the seamless user experience and the introduction of new features. 

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