UI Design Improves MS Patient Healthcare

Celestra Health 

UI Design Improves MS Patient Healthcare

The Challenge

Celestra Health wanted to create an app that allows MS patients a convenient and informative way to track their symptoms and disease progression. Through a series of innovative screens displaying tools and widgets to document various symptoms and potential limitations they may have, data is gathered on the app and reflected in creative visualizations. Celestra Health trusted Idea Theorem™ to create the wireframes and overall app flow.

Our Approach

To properly execute Celestra’s app idea, our team first needed an in-depth understanding of the MS disease, its symptoms, and most importantly, the patients it affects. We applied several discovery methods to our project, including a literature review, user journey map, competitive analysis, and persona analysis.

Our literature review covered several aspects of MS research, such as symptoms, causes, challenges, diagnosis, and treatment. This established a baseline for our team to consider while designing the app screens.

We next used a competitive analysis of several other popular health apps on the market to assess their overall strengths and weaknesses. With this information in hand, we used our findings to create a distinct look and feel for our app, utilizing innovative ideas and tried and true app functionality.

We also utilized persona analysis and a journey map to ensure the app user and their experience on the app is streamlined and relevant.

The Outcome

Our research and design results were a beautifully designed app with functions like journaling your symptoms, performing walking tests, and detailed progress reports. Celestra Health looks forward to employing these designs in its new app and helping thousands of Canadian MS patients to manage and monitor their daily symptoms.


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