Top 5 Design Thinking Articles of August 2017

By: Idea Theorem
10 September 2017
8 min read

Top Design Thinking Articles for the Month of August. These articles are based on Design Value Index, design thinking in action case studies (SAP, Toyota, and Airbnb), principles to shape a great product, improving patient experiences and digital success by focusing on humans.

The Design Value Index Shows What “Design Thinking” Is Worth

In recent years, Design Value Index has become a popular tool to win over skeptic stakeholders that integrating DT into corporate strategy can outpace industry peers. It talks about the methodology behind the index and why it was developed. The Design Value Index shows that companies that embrace design understand their customers better than those who don’t. As a result, they grow faster and with higher margins and recover faster during economic downturns.

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Health Care Providers Can Use Design Thinking to Improve Patient Experiences

Each year approximately 3.6 million people miss or put off medical appointments due to transportation issues, leading to annual costs for health care providers in billions of dollars. It’s every health care leader’s mission to improve patient experiences. Design thinking is a useful process for doing so, as it requires decision makers to empathize with patients, think creatively, prototype, and continually test solutions to these problems.

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How Design Thinking Speeds Up Tech Solutions Development

“What does the customer really want?”  To address this question, enterprises need to embrace design thinking as it is an empathetic cognitive process that strives to thrive in intuition, inspiration, and emotion while still focusing on the practical considerations of technological feasibility and business viability. Design Thinking in Action Case Study – 1) SAP leveraging DT for product development 2) Toyota solves the customer satisfaction issue with Call Center support for brands Lexus, Toyota and Scion (More Details in Book: Solving Problems with Design Thinking: Ten Stories of What Works). 3) AirBnB transformed from failing startup to a billion dollar business with help of DT.

Three Design Thinking principles to shape a great product

A great product has to be Desirable, Viable and Feasible. Design is user-centric and starts with people. Desirable – To understand how to create value that will resonate with your target audience, you have to understand your users. Viable – Measuring success and demonstrating ROI is key to proving to the business that it’s worth investing into your product. Defining clear metrics to validate your Unique Value Proposition is a good start and will help you focus your effort.  Feasible – Producing rock solid solutions that are operationally and technically sound isn’t a small task and can often be under estimated.

Design Thinking: One Key To Digital Success Is Focusing On Humans



Best-in-Class organizations focus their digital engagements on addressing the customer experience and customer satisfaction first. DT fosters an iterative approach in which collaboration with the customer or user leads to a superior brand experience, one that has optimized the customer experience (CX) and the user experience (UX) in their end-to-end journeys throughout the value chain. Digital leaders will continue pouring more resources into their CX and UX.


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