Top Articles of the Week #17 : User Experience (UX)

By: Idea Theorem
21 January 2018
8 min read

Top UX Articles of the week. These are articles talk about the human error for the erroneous Hawaiian missile alert, how to de-addict users through user experience, how a designer can be an influencer and creating perfectionism in UX is an enemy.

What the Erroneous Hawaiian Missile Alert Can Teach Us About Error Prevention

UX Articles of the Week

People should not be blamed for errors caused by poorly designed systems. On Saturday, January 13th 2017, residents and tourists in the Hawaiian islands received a very frightening emergency alert on their mobile devices. The alert from Hawaii’s emergency alert command center read “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” It was, in fact, a drill.This article talks about howa a poorly designed system is to blame.


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How To Design Non-Addictive UX (It’s Really Not Hard)

Top UX Articles of the Week

To wean users off their devices, UX designers need to deploy the very tricks that made their products so addictive in the first place. We need to use all the practices of UX to help get us off our addiction to devices. The writer discusses few suggestions on “how to do detox design”.

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Every designer is an influencer

Top UX Articles of the week

Over the last two decades, designers all over the world have been leveraging trending platforms and tools to communicate with each other. Twitter and other social networks exploded closer to 2010. It was more recently that we have seen a few channels dominating the hearts and minds of designers like the comeback of newsletter and rise of designer’s youtube.

Perfect is the enemy of good: Fighting perfectionism in UX Design

Top UX Articles of the Week

“Perfect” means “finished”, and we’re never really done working. We just keep the bigger picture in mind, concentrate on making a cohesive and enjoyable experience for the audience, and enjoy the process. Designers are tasked with crafting experiences for the audiences that are both memorable and seamless. Finding the right balance between an experience that makes our users smile and one that reduces friction is a tough line to draw.


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