Top Articles of the Week #08 : User Experience (UX)

By: Idea Theorem
21 October 2017
8 min read

Top Articles of the week on user experience (UX). These articles talk about the future of GUI with the appearance of the voice interface, user delight by using microinteractions and the art of storytelling to capture user’s’ attention.

Combining Graphical And Voice Interfaces For A Better User Experience

Idea Theorem - Top Articles of the Week #08 : User Experience (UX)

With the appearance of voice user interfaces, AI and chatbots,  what is the future of graphical user interfaces(GUIs)?. The article mentions that despite some dark predictions, GUIs will stay around for many years to come. Humans have multiple senses. Technology and interfaces that use more than just one have a better chance of facilitating strong human-computer interaction.

UX Of Microinteractions For User Delight

Idea Theorem - Top Articles of the Week #08 : User Experience (UX)

Microinteractions have the potential to take the user experience to next level. So think about the end-to-end experience, identify gaps and then use micro interactions to delight your users. Be it on mobile or desktop, your user wants to accomplish their goals with fun. But micro interactions do more than that like –  give feedback on completed actions, motivate users to take action and boost engagement with software.

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How storytelling can improve UX

Idea Theorem - Top Articles of the Week #08 : User Experience (UX)

Storytelling is a way to capture your user’s’ attention. Stories are sad, happy, exciting, dramatic, funny and educational. A story can be used to enhance someone’s imagination, creativity and inspiration. In this way, stories are a vivid way of teaching and learning. By using metaphors, memories, narration and analogies, we can provoke an audience to think and engage with our designs. Essentially, user experience storytelling is a way of communicating.

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