Top Articles of the Week #05 : User Experience (UX)

By: Idea Theorem
3 October 2017
8 min read

Top Articles of the week on user experience (UX).These articles are based on interaction flows, focus on UX before UI, mastering remote presentation, frugal or jugaad UX.

How to Have Better UX Before UI Begins

Idea Theorem - Top Articles of the Week #05 : User Experience (UX)

This article talks about how important UX is before UI. The real meaning of UX gets lost in the shuffle of website design. While UX and UI have a significant relationship, business owners should not confuse the two. Letting UX fall to the wayside because UI is the more exciting aspect of the business will not bode well in the long run.

Frugal UX: A Jugaad Approach to Research and Design

Top Articles of the Week #05 : User Experience (UX)

Frugal or Jugaad innovation provides the UX designer with the opportunity to innovate. There are six key principles of frugal innovation which this article talks about. They are 1. Engage and iterate, 2. Flex your assets, 3. Create sustainable solutions, 4. Shape customer behavior, 5.Co-create value with prosumers, 6.Make innovative friends.

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An Introduction to Interaction Flows

Top Articles of the Week #05 : User Experience (UX)

Every interaction is planted with a specific purpose for the user. UX Designers have to explain the behavior of the every interface to developers but there is always miscommunication.  That is where Interaction Flows help.

5 Strategies for Presenting UX Remotely

Top Articles of the Week #05 : User Experience (UX)

Remote presentations are convenient and enable you to communicate to many globally. Master remote presentations by creating the right environment, being human, reducing distractions, taking control, and telling a story.

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