Top Articles of the Week #01 : User Experience ( UX )

By: Idea Theorem
4 September 2017
8 min read

Top Articles of the week on user experience ( UX ). These articles are based on user research, dark UX, data visualization and product thinking.

1. Doing Research with People Who Are Not Users: Consultation

User research is an integral part of any product design, understanding their needs will help a product succeed. In this article, the focus is on leveraging consultants and their concepts about the product you are creating for the target audience for a great user experience ( UX ).

2. Why Product Thinking is the next big thing in UX Design

Why do we need this product? It is the first question asked when a product is designed. Answering this question will help the product succeed. Product thinking will help designers ask the right questions and build a product with the right features which user will actually use.

3. Visual Mapping – The Elements of Information Visualization

The designers need to think carefully while representing visual data. There are three elements for information visualization. These are  1) The Spatial Substrate, 2) The Graphical Elements and 3) The Graphical Properties. They are explained beautifully in this article.

4. Designers are using “dark UX” to turn you into a sleep-deprived internet addict

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Andy Wong

With internet addiction in the rise, it is associated with poor health and obesity. The designers are creating patterns which make you addict to a product using engaging user experience. Dark UX is an industry term created for the benefits of the client. It ranges from giving personal information to pre-selected expensive option.

5. What are “Leading Questions: in UX tests and how you can avoid them?

This article provides guides to help ask the right questions when you do user testing. Having a neutral behavior is important during user testing although it is hard (especially if you are the designer).

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