Top Articles of the Week #11 : User Experience (UX)

By: Idea Theorem
19 November 2017
8 min read

Top Articles of the week on user experience (UX). These articles talk about biggest UX trends of 2017, No-Frills UX/UI, Starbucks App UX, Intro to Lean UX.

The Biggest UX Design Trends of 2017

The Biggest UX Design Trends of 2017

Design is one of the key elements that define a product’s success. Design is everything, from the way a product looks to the way it makes people feel when they’re using it. Each year we learn something new about design. Now, with 2017 almost over, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the most influential UX trends of the year. This article will provide 14 of the most significant changes in both the visual and technological aspects of design.

The Case For No-Frills UX/UI

The Case For No-Frills UX/UI

Flat design is so 2015. Minimalism is the new poster boy of the UX/UI world. It all started with Airbnb’s UI revamp in 2016. However, Instagram took all the limelight with a similar revamp a month later the same year. Both of the tech giants’ revamps followed similar principles: plenty of white space, eye-catching headlines and bringing content to the fore.

Starbucks App UX Analysis

Starbucks App UX Analysis: Coffee, Lattes, & Loyalty

How does Starbucks keep customers engaging with its mobile app? And is there a way for similar chains to do the same? As a whole, the Starbucks app boasts an impressive UX with full functionality. The app is optimized toward earning more rewards signups, but it also provides practical features that directly benefit customers, like ordering drinks in advance for in-store pickup.

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A Simple Introduction to Lean UX

A Simple Introduction to Lean UX

Lean UX is focused on the experience under design and is less focused on deliverables than traditional UX. It requires a greater level of collaboration with the entire team. The core objective is to focus on obtaining feedback as early as possible so that it can be used to make quick decisions. The nature of Agile development is to work in rapid, iterative cycles and Lean UX mimics these cycles to ensure that data generated can be used in each iteration.

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