Idea Theorem Named Canada’s Top UX Agency on Clutch

Idea Theorem Clutch Says We Deliver

Idea Theorem Named Canada’s Top UX Agency on Clutch

The Idea Theorem team is excited to officially join Clutch.co, B2B ratings and reviews site that guides business buyers along their journey to find the perfect service provider and software solutions for their specific needs. Based in Toronto, Canada, we are proud to have ranked highly on Clutch as Top ux agency in Canada and one of their best developers in Canada! Our Human Centered Design approach lets us understand your customers, identify their pain points & deliver solutions that enhance their experience with your brand. 


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While Clutch accepts thousands of companies from around the world to join their platform, companies must have excellent clientele, projects, client reviews, and an outstanding website and social channels to be ranked at the top of their lists. The most important factors among all of the ones including in their ranking algorithm are the reviews on companies’ profiles, which Clutch analysts create using brief phone calls with past and current clients of the companies they feature.


Top UX Agency in Canada

Idea Theorem Top UX Agency Clutch


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Client Reviews

As a high-performing Clutch’s top UX agency, we have a handful of excellent reviews and we are excited to share some of the fantastic things clients have had to say about us!


I was blown away by how productive they were in terms of project delivery. They were able to complete logo design, branding, and UI/UX designs of our app and website in just a month. I was also impressed by their communication skills, which contributed to the project’s fast delivery.


–  Quiqpay (Fintech App)


Their human-centered design focus was great and helped us provide feedback. As a result, there were very few changes during the development phase.


Public School Digital Portal


Idea Theorem has been a pleasure to work with. Communication is a strong point and their process has allowed plenty of back and forth between the teams. For anyone looking for a stunning, effective, and intuitive design customized to the uniqueness that every business needs to stand out, I recommend Idea Theorem wholeheartedly.


eCommerce Clothing Store


We saw a quick turnaround from the UI Design Sprints. Within a month, both branding and UI design were completed including the implementations of any changes or feedback that our team provided. It was an absolute pleasure working with Idea Theorem's team. Their professionalism was only exceeded by their creativity; they created a beautiful and intuitive design end-to-end. Going through their UI design sprints, the turn-around time was impressive.


Kibii App


A huge thank you to all of our clients for helping us achieve this success – we can’t wait to hear more from you and expand our service offerings as we receive feedback through and grow with Clutch.co. Also, check out our work!