Innovations in Disease Monitoring: The Impact of Technology



42 min


42 min

Innovations in Disease Monitoring: The Impact of Technology

Learn how technology advancements are impacting the field of Disease Monitoring and how our client Celestra Health is leading the way for MS patients.

Bruce Ford co-founded Celestra Health, a company developing a Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Management Solution that uses smart insoles containing a variety of high-precision sensors to feed critical body movement data to a dedicated smartphone MS app. This will enable patients and doctors to manage better the realities of living with this lifelong condition. Advances like this are shaping the future of the disease monitoring field, allowing patients with progressive illnesses to track and review their symptoms.

Bruce Ford

Celestra Health

Beverley Shanahan

Digital Marketing Manager

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What’s covered?

What disease monitoring is, and how it is impacting patients.

What the future of wearable healthcare technologies looks like.

How MS patients are benefiting from digital disease monitoring.

Design and development elements most important for healthcare end users.

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