User Research

Usability Testing

Test your product with your users to achieve specific goals with effectiveness and satisfaction, to ensure is it intuitive, convenient, and easy-to-use.

  • Validation

    Validating the user experience ensures that the targeted users’ experience is frictionless and fulfills their needs.

  • Usable & Accessible

    Test how accessible and usable the product(s) is to ensure it is inclusive for everyone.

  • Identify Issues

    Identify errors and fix them before it is moved into the development phase.

Why it is Valuable

Prevent Errors

Errors are identified in a product, and solutions are provided. This ensures that errors are not to occur again when users commit to action.

Ensure Efficiency

Ensure your product truly helps your users successfully and accurately complete a goal.

Usability Testing Deliverables

01 Usability Testing

Usability Test Planning

In this phase, we will dedicate time to understand your business goals and collaboratively work together to identify areas of concern that should be addressed through usability testing.


We will conduct either moderated or unmoderated testing sessions either in-person and remotely while documenting for future reference.


The research team will personally analyze in-depth the problem areas that need to be addressed.

Usability Testing Report

The report will document the entire usability test while providing a high-level understanding of the problems and their solutions to improve the product.

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